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Life at Neway

Our guiding principles are the benchmark for how we conduct ourselves as a People Focused, Customer Driven, and Socially Responsible organization. As we strive for excellence within our culture, we must also recognize the importance of the total individual, not just the employee. In a high-performance work environment, having a proper work life balance is a crucial component to the development of an individual’s personal and professional expertise. A balanced workforce is a high-performing workforce that has greater opportunity to fulfill its potential for excellence. Therefore, life at Neway includes a wide range of benefits, activities, and programs that foster and support teamwork, collaboration, and the overall well-being of our staff such as employee assistance programs (EAP), paid time off (PTO), flexible work schedules, recreation centers, philanthropic outreach, family care & outings, extracurricular teambuilding events, employee appreciation days, health & safety awareness, and international holiday celebrations.

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