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Neway Valve attended the Fugitive Emissions Summit China, and advocated the development of new technology environmental protection


September 19-20, 2018, as an excellent manufacturer of environment-friendly valve industry, Neway attended the Fugitive Emissions Summit China once again, demonstrating the design, manufacture and application of fugitive emission valves, which is applicable to petrochemical, papermaking, shipbuilding and other industries, for controlling volatile organics and toxic and harmful media. During the summit, Neway delivered the speech of “Consumption Upgrading of Fugitive Emission Valves " on the development, key technology and application experience of environment-friendly valves, and advocated the development of new technology of environment-friendly valve, which was highly praised by all walks of life.

With the enhancement of global environmental awareness and the significant improvement of emission requirements in various industries, governments have issued various laws and regulations to control the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) forcedly, resulting in a surge in market demand for environmentally friendly valves. From 2013 to 2017, Neway fugitive emission valves sales increased significantly.

Neway has a strong technical team, including ISO and API experts, experts at the leakage Summit, and well-known fugitive emission valve experts, as well as the provincial-level "Engineering and Technology Research Center for Fugitive Emission Valves" in China. Neway attaches great importance to and has long been committed to researching new fugitive emission sealing technology, new manufacturing process, designing and manufacturing a generation of lower emission valves with better performance and lower cost to meet the fugitive emission requirements of industrial valves and protect ecological environment.

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