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Nuclear Butterfly Valve

Product overview

Safety needs to be a fully integrated part in the design and production philosophy of nuclear butterfly valves. Neway has integrated this key factor by starting and ending with full awareness of safety during each step that needs to be taken during designing and production of nuclear valves. The valves are exposed to for example a lifecycle test including 2000 cycles with high temperatures, fluid interruption, seismic and end loading. This qualifies Neway to be your preferred supplier for nuclear butterfly valves which are certified to safety class 3,standard class 3 and seismic I for nuclear industries. 

Safety class:Class 1,2,3 and Non-Classified
Seismic category:Ⅰ
Normal Diameter:≤3000mm
Application temperature:≤450℃
Design pressure:≤25MPa
End connection:Wafer, Lug, RF, BW
Operation:Manual, Pneumatic, Electric, Remote drive
Main material:Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Alloy steel
Structural:Concentric, Double offset, Triple offset

102 Nuclear Valve(pamphlet)-2016.pdf
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